One thing we are certain of at Waoukids: as a camp and/or extracurricular activities organiser, you love sharing your passion with children. Your greatest joy is to see them leave with a smile, looking forward to coming back.

If it was down to this, the world would be perfect. But you need to have a presence online, and it is not always easy to make the right choices among the search engines, social networks and newsletter software. We can confirm that it is complicated, and it often becomes really time consuming.

And, on top of that, you also need to answer all the parents’ questions, prepare registration lists, check payments and then complain when a child does not arrive on the first day because the parents changed their minds.

Waoukids is a platform that offers free visibility to your camps, your lessons and/or extracurricular activities. You can register as an organiser of activities for children and then you are able to publish all your camps for children and your lessons.

You can publish the availability and receive booking requests that you can then confirm.

Want to be included from the launch?

Register here and we will notify you as soon as Waoukids is officially launched. You will be able to post camps in minutes.

Welcome to an easier world 😉

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AND it is free?

Yes, your inclusion will be completely free.

Eventually we will offer, without obligation, the payment of camps online, while always leaving the ability to manually manage some registrations.

You will definitely increase the occupancy rate of your camps because parents appreciate being able to register and pay with a minimum number of clicks.

You will almost have no administration because everything will be automated all the way up to the registration lists. We will take a commission on bookings made through Waoukids. In the long term you will gain time and money as you will spend less time reconciling payments and registrations. We are certain that this will quickly pay off.

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If you want to share your experience with us, ask questions, be part of the testers before the official launch or to meet us, please email us

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