Waoukids is the story of two heads filled with ideas and projects who met in the exciting digital world.


I am a mother of 2 children aged 6 and 7. Every year, their dad and I must agree on camps. I am not telling you anything new, it is often an obstacle course.

The idea of ​​the platform was born one morning in September 2015. At the time I was responsible for the digital strategy for a large brand. A few weeks before the summer holidays, I spent a few evenings looking for a local camp that would appeal to my children. The purpose of my job was to offer an experience based on common sense and make life easier for customers. Waoukids was the obvious solution.

To combine my job, children and the rest of my life with the creation of a platform was quickly put on the back burner.

Then I met Vincent in the context of his digital start-up to simplify the world of insurance in October 2016. In the meantime, I had become e-commerce manager for a large insurance group.

We immediately agreed on our vision of tomorrow’s world. I shared the Waoukids project with him, and he was immediately very interested.

He spontaneously came up with proposals for improvements and as our discussions became more and more serious, I offered to launch the project together.

I left my job and became freelance to continue working as a digital strategist for some major brands. This allowed me to make time and financially support the launch the project.

I look forward to the launch of the site and its evolution based on the needs of our future users.


I am married and father of 5 children. Passionate entrepreneur, I naturally often have to lend a hand to the organisation of camps and activities for children. I was always impressed by the amount of effort put into promoting camps, the administration and monitoring of payments, even for smaller organisations.

After a long and busy career as an army Officer, I decided to leave the service and continue my career in risk management. So, I focused in the insurance sector. I really immersed myself in the world of e-commerce and digital communication. At the same time, I also worked in the hotel sector by creating customised insurance products for that industry. Whether in small family structures or larger groups, I realised that these men and women, passionate about their work, had real communication challenges and huge administrative commitments which prevented them from completely focusing on their core business: hospitality. I naturally went looking for simple, intuitive and effective technological and digital solutions to make their lives easier.

In October 2016 I met Véronique, whose expertise in digital strategy helped me a lot during the development of my active start-up in the digitalisation of the insurance sector. During one of our discussions on the future of services, Véronique introduced me to her Waoukids project. This idea immediately won me over.

The difficulties experienced by the organisers of camps and activities for children, have so many similarities that those faced by hoteliers that I immediately found myself with this desire to provide solutions.

When we share the project with organisers and parents, there is such excitement that our motivation grows day after day.

Today, we are financing the project ourselves but, to meet our ambitions, we have begun to speak with potential investors. Apart for the financial aspect, we are looking for a real desire to bring added value to the project.

Waoukids will be launched in the first weeks of 2018 and online payments will follow quickly after the launch. Our goal is to be 100% running in some selected regions in time for the Easter 2018 registrations.

The world of digital and strategy is our business. We know the challenges and the risks associated with this kind of platform, the intricacies of digital marketing, the developments and the speed of evolutions in technology. We are surrounded by experts who have already proved their worth in our previous missions and with whom we have established a relationship of trust.

You are here on the provisional site of Waoukids, intended to present the future platform. As soon as it is ready, Waoukids will take its place here and a new era for camps will start.

If you are interested in the project and want to find out more, do not hesitate to contact us.

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